Favorite Meals While Traveling

While not a foodie, I do tend to remember a fabulous meal, especially if it’s just a simple local dish.  We enjoy eating with street vendors and eating in restaurants that are full of local people. My favorite meal  while traveling is Koshary in Cairo, Egypt.  As you can see from the photo, it appears to be a mess, but it was delicious! It also came with a tomato based sauce that was so delicious! Blake used the sauce to dip his sandwich.  It is made with chick peas, rice, lentils and spices.  Great vegetarian dish.

Egyptian Cuisine Koshary

Koshary Dish Cairo Egypt

The most unique meal I have experienced so far is the Black Pasta in Nicaragua.  Later, I learned that the color is from squid ink.  Didn’t realize that then! Blake is more adventurous with meals than I am. He will try anything.  I will, but if I don’t like it, we trade meals.  Wonderful husband I have.

Barrio Café San Juan del Sur Nicaragua

Barrio Café San Juan del Sur Nicaragua Black Pasta with local fresh fish

Even though it was a simple local dish, the flavor was fabulous! La Garrapata seemed to have many tourists, but also locals. It was on the main strip of Puerto Ayora so a great place to people watch. It also had wi-fi which influenced our decision to dine there. If you are in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island, we recommend eating and drinking here.

Pecan Encrusted Tuna La Garrapata Restaurant, Puerto Ayora Galapagos

Pecan Encrusted Tuna La Garrapata Restaurant, Puerto Ayora – Galapagos

Every meal in Vietnam was wonderful and so wonderful that once we began to eat, we forgot about taking photos.

Vietnamese Soup Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Vietnamese Soup Ho Chi Minh City

Blake and I enjoy driving around and enjoying the sights of areas where most typical tourists would not go.  While doing so, we saw several local families going into this restaurant, Sodadel Cruce,  in a rural area on the Pacific Coast so we decided to follow. No one in the restaurant spoke English, so Blake pointed to a family seated next to us and indicated that we would have what they were having.  This seemed to make the owner/chef happy and he delivered us this fabulously simple tasty meal of chicken, black beans, rice and salad.

Sodadel Cruce Restaurant Costa Rica

Costa Rican Food