About Burgess Adventures

Ever wanted to just take off on an overseas trip with a backpack, a camera and a journal and see the world as it really is? There are thousands of travel web and blog sites out there. This one is a little different. It does not promote packaged travel deals and does not steer the reader toward one vacation plan or another.

bird watching Costa Rica

Bird Watching in Costa Rica

What it does do is give the reader specific travel advice on how to bypass the middleman and travel all over the world on a deep discount travel budget. This web site shows the trips and methods of Stephanie and Blake who despite jobs and commitments at home, travel the world on a regular basis within a reasonable budget.

Blake, over the last 20 years developed and fine tuned our methods for deep discount travel to destinations all over the world. Our discount travel model allows us to experience the local culture while seeing some of the most spectacular sights on the globe.

This web site documents our travels with photos, stories and tips on how to live this life style to the fullest. It is intended to portray our view of the places we visit, attract other like-minded travelers and to inspire others to get out and see the world as we do.

The site contains both travel pages that documents some of our trips with photos and text; and travel articles that show……

1) how to travel the world on a deep discount;
2) how to move around in countries despite a language barrier;
3) tips on common questions travelers have on “off the beaten path” travel; and
4) most importantly, how to stay safe while traveling.

We also write shorter travel blogs on topics that we believe you will find interesting such as discount travel tips and interesting information from abroad.

We intend to update the site with one to two travel articles or blogs per week so that readers can respond with comments and questions. In the coming months there will be a newsletter available to subscribers. We will update in real-time our future trips. Thank you for visiting our site!