Overseas Beer

We have enjoyed beer in a variety of countries. We enjoy walking around an area and stopping for a beer to people watch. Brahva Beer in GuatemalaWe will then continue exploring the local area and once tired, stop for another beer. With the heat, (we go to warm countries) we usually are not very hungry and often eat appetizers during the day and drink lots of water…………and beer. We always take a picture of the beer and food where we are for almost every meal. There are certainly more beers in each of these countries, but we enjoy ordering the local beers and drinking them at the local places.
Gallo and Brahva– Gallo is Guatemalan’s most popular beer and also the only beer they have on tap. It has about 5% alcohol content and is a pale lager. Gallo light is the only light beer in Guatemala. Brahva is an American adjunct lager and brewed in Guatemala. It is seen everywhere along with Gallo in Guatemala. Dorado, Club Premium and Pilsener -Pilsener is the sponsor of a major soccer team and they have their logo everywhere! It’s the most popular beer in Ecuador and the Galapagos. Pilsener has a 4.2% alcohol content and is a pale lager.
 Saigon beer Ho Chi Minh City VietnamImperial & Imperial Light – most popular beer in Costa Rica and the logo is everywhere. It has a 4.6% alcohol content and is a pale lager.
Sakara and Stella – Stella is Egypt’s most popular beer with a 4.5% alcohol content, although there are three varieties that vary on alcohol content. Sakara is the newest beer on the market in Egypt.
Medalla – Beer from Puerto Rico that is now sold and found easily in Florida.
333, Bia Saigon Export, Tiger –Vietnamese beer with a 4.9% alcohol content, although 333 is sold in the United States, but I had never heard of it before drinking it in Vietnam. Saigon Export is the only beer brewed in Vietnam and is very low in gluten; brewed primarily with rice. It’s Tiger was Singapore’s first brewed beer.
Presidente – This beer is brewed in the Dominican Republic and exported to many other countries, including the USA. It has a 5% alcohol content. It is a Pilsner beer.
Tona and Victoria – Tona is Nicaragua’s number one selling beer and hence, a local beer. It has 4.6% alcohol content and 100% natural ingredients.Victoria Beer Victoria is a 4% alcohol Vienna lager first brewed in Toluca, México, in 1865 by Compañía Toluca y México (Wikipedia) and is brewed in Mexico but is one of the two major beers you find in Nicaragua.
So even if you are not a beer lover, just having a local beer will enlighten you about the area and what the local people enjoy.