About Us

Blake and Stephanie are wild and crazy traveling fanatics who will go anywhere IMG_0280anytime for the thrill of exploring new lands and cultures. We both grew up in the small town of Kingstree, South Carolina, population ~3000.  We each had the urge to escape from a small town and see the world. After knowing each other when we were younger, we re-met and married in December 2010.

We share a passion for adventure travel but are not fulltime backpackers or wealthy retirees wanting to see the world. We have our own style of travel that allows us to take 3 to 5 overseas trips a year using our plan for deep discount travel while holding down jobs and home obligations.

We particularly like to visit obscure less traveled countries whose culture is new to us. We tend to stay in bed and breakfasts, hostels and guest houses in non-tourist locations so that we can experience how the locals live. (see Travel Philosophy)

We don’t mind hitting an iconic tourist site but for the most part we avoid the tourist areas and seek the off the beaten path areas where we get to know the local people and their customs. We are Americans and love the USA but we travel to areas

Stephanie Amador Causeway, Panama City

Stephanie Amador Causeway, Panama City

where few Americans go. We say this, because when we are in some of these areas, we see few Americans. The locals behavior when seeing us often will tell us whether they are used to seeing Americans.

We live in the fabulous Park Circle area of North Charleston, South Carolina. Please see more information on our hometown here.